The best online slot machines

To distinguish the best machines, you need to define the criteria for evaluation. For example, you can distinguish the best slots based on the quality of graphics, number of prizes, variety of games or size of banknotes. Based on the comments of experienced players, we have selected the ten best online slots of all time. Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt This […]

Sports betting. How to bet and what to pay attention to?

It is important to stick to the advice of experts and experienced players. This will help you understand the world of betting and learn a lot here. Before you start betting directly, you need to understand the basic concepts. What sports betting is, what kind of bets there are, and what to bet on. It is also important to understand […]

The best Kraken slot machines

Is it any wonder that since ancient times the seas have been shrouded in a mass of legends. The imagination of people populated them with all kinds of monsters. One of the most mysterious creatures allegedly living in the depths of the ocean, is considered a kraken. What is a Kraken? The kraken is described as a huge cephalopod mollusk […]

Sports betting training, professional tips

Another subgroup of bettors is the people who want to earn bets. They try to analyze matches and predict the results, but still, end up losing. And the last category, the smallest – the players who earn by betting (3-7% of the total number of players). To Remember If you also want to earn by betting with a bookmaker’s office, […]

Blackjack card counting system

No one is promising an “easy life,” of course, and the card counting discussed below, with the proper experience and skill, can help you gain an advantage over the gambling house. Why do you need it? By counting cards, the player will be able to keep track of the ratio between the high value cards and the low-value cards that […]

Best poker strategies for 2021

Here we’ll look at actual strategies and tactics for cash games (not to be confused with tournaments) using Texas Hold’em, one of the most popular forms of poker. Short stack strategy In cash games, the size of the blinds always stays the same. If a player loses part of his stack, he has the right to buy the required number […]

Basic Poker Strategies: Secrets and Techniques

The goal of the game is to get the best combination of your own and shared cards. The most popular variation of poker is “Texas Hold’em”, which involves from 2 to 10 players. The winner of the game is the player who manages to get the best combination of 2 own cards and 5 community cards that are on the […]